Personal Training

Small Group Coaching

Receive the same personalised experience as your 1 to 1 training in a high energy forward focussed group environment. 

What To Expect

Our small group sessions are limited to a maximum of 4 members per session. This allows the coach to deliver a personal and tailored session to each individual whilst still benefiting from the energy of being in a group environment. We run tailored sessions at different times in the day to suit everyone’s needs.

What Are The Benefits?

Cost effective: You receive the same level of coaching as you would in a 1 to 1 session but at fraction of the cost.
Knowledgeable coaching: Our coaches aren’t just there to tell you what to do, they’re there to teach and guide you through your journey so you come out the other end with the ability to stay consistent without the need for coaching if you so choose.
1 Force: All our members and coaches are community focused, so you will benefit from meeting like minded individuals that will help to motivate and drive your goals further.
Easy to plan: Use the 1 Force app to book your sessions at any hour of the day without the need for calling or emails. We run sessions at all hours of the day to ensure everyone has the ability to train.

Whats Included?

7 Day Unlimited Trial Only £10!

7 Day Unlimited Trial For Just £10!

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